Undead Ed Week 3

Another week, another check-in on my end of semester project. For those that don’t remember, I am converting the amazing comic. Undead Ed by Boredman in to a motion comic.

The first part of this week was spent fixing a mistake. I had thought my art was done, and as planned started the process of animating. But then, after setting up the proper presets on Adobe After Effects and importing the art, I realized everything was sized wrong.

To make matters even worse this wasn’t just a case of the assets being too small or too large. The issue was they were set up for a square picture, like the original comic. Not like a normal wide screen video.

I was faced with a choice. Two thick black lines on each side of the comic, or re-doing the backgrounds. Just to make it a little more difficult, I now had to create a lot more art to fill the new space.

Fortunately, while I wasn’t happy with the extra work. I think they came out pretty good.

Next week is a short one, with my big trip starting on Wednesday. But, the goal for that short time is to start the animation!

See ya soon.

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